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The 2018 Portland Museum of Art Biennial

Portland Museum of Art
7 Congress Square
Portland, Maine 04101

January 26, 2018 to June 3, 2018

The 14-foot birchbark canoe that I built with the late David Moses Bridges at the Abbe Museum in 2013 will be featured in this exhibition. On April 6, 2018, I will give a gallery talk at the PMA, together with Penobscot Nation Tribal Historian James Francis, from 12-1 p.m.

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The Legacy of Penobscot Canoes:
A View from the River

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Harvard University
11 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, Mass.

I am a consultant for this exhibition, currently open.

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Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors Magazine, May/June 2016: "Birchback Canoes," by Laurie Scheiber, an article about my work.

Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram April 25, 2004, July 29, 2007, and June 27, 2010:  Articles about my canoe work by Deirdre Fleming and Tom Bell.

Portland Magazine, April 2004:  "Dream Weaving" by Pat Friedman, an article about the Penobscots' efforts to revive birchbark canoe building with my help.

WoodenBoat Magazine, November/December 2004: "Steve Cayard and the Wabanaki Canoe," cover article by Jerry Stelmok, with photos by Benjamin Mendlowitz, Darel Gabriel Bridges, and Garrett Conover.

The Wall Street Journal, August 29, 2003:  A front-page article by Robert Tomsho describing my canoe work with the Penobscots.

Native Peoples Magazine, July/August/ 2001: "The Birchbark Canoe: Back From the Brink" by C. Ted Behne, an article about various birchbark canoe builders, featuring photographs of my canoes by Darel Gabriel Bridges

Film and Television:

One Land - Two Worlds, a film by D'Arcy Marsh, exploring early interactions between European explorers and Maine Indians, featuring footage of my birchbark canoe workshops at Indian Island and St.Marys.

Agwiden - a film by D'Arcy Marsh, documents the first of my birchbark canoe building workshops with the Penobscot Indian Nation in 2002. It can be seen online on Vimeo.

Made in Maine, #1708: An episode in a television series by Maine Public Broadcasting Network, with a segment on my canoe work.

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